2022 2th International Conference on Optics and Communication Technology

Welcome Prof. Lin Chen, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China to be the TPC!


Prof. Lin Chen, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China

Lin Chen was designated Shanghai "Dawn scholar", "Chengguang scholar", "Top-Notch Young Talents", "Rising-Star", "Pujiang talent" and other talent titles. I was also award Publons Peer Review Award (2018 and 2019) and Outstanding Reviewers of Chinese Laser Press. As the first person in charge, he have undertaken a number of national level projects, including the national key R&D plan "major scientific instrument and equipment development" (chief scientist), two national major instrument projects (project), National Natural Foundation of China (general & Youth) and several projects from Shanghai. At present, he have published more than 80 peer reviewed papers in Science Citation Indexed journal with more than 2000 citations and H-index 26 (including 4 Highly Cited Paper), such as Light: Science & Applications, Advanced Optical Materials, etc. He have also applied for more than 40 invention patents, 21 Chinese and 1 US patents were authorized. Among them, four invention patents have been transformed into scientific research achievements, with a direct economic benefit of 28.79 million. I am currently the Editorial Board Member of Frontiers in Physics, Guest Editor and Corresponding Expert of Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering.

陈麟,上海理工大学教授,博士生导师。国家重点研发计划项目首席科学家,上海市青年拔尖人才计划,上海市曙光学者,上海市青年科技启明星,仪器仪表学会金国藩青年学子奖。从事太赫兹频段中波导及表面等离子器件的理论和实验研究。主持科技部重大仪器专项2项,国家自然科学基金2项,以及上海市科委重点专项等十二项国家及省部级以上项目。以第一作者或通讯作者在Light: Science & Applications, Advanced Optical Materials等高水平期刊发表论文八十余篇,包括ESI高被引论文4篇,文章他引2000余次。研究成果被MaterialsviewsChina、Advanced in Engineering等学术媒体广泛报道,获得2017年AOM年度最佳论文和2019年FITEE年度最佳论文奖。担任27种国际期刊的审稿人。撰写《太赫兹频段等离激元现象及其应用》专著1本,已授权中国专利21项,美国专利1项,其中4项专利许可转化。担任中国工程院院刊FITEE通讯专家和专题编辑,SCI收录期刊Frontiers in physics编委。